We have been in Italy for a little over 60 hours and I have already tasted Chianina beef and truffles. Our journey into the culinary delights of Umbria did not start out so auspiciously. We arrived at Fiumicino at 8:35 in the morning. We had a four hour wait for the Sulga bus to Perugia, so we settled into the Chef Express with all our bags and fortified ourselves on the meager offerings.


Chef Express in Fiumicino

As you can see, our first ‘meal’ consisted of Pringles, half a cornetto con crema, a cappuccino, a schweppes limone (probably the best thing on the table), and a bottle of water. To my surprise, the kids were not keen on the cornetto. I am not sure what they are going to eat for breakfast save for really expensive imported American cereals.

We arrived in Perugia around 4:30. Since Aug. 15 is Ferragosto, there were no taxis at the bus stations. We decided to schlepp all the bags up to the center ourselves (part of the way there are escalators; it is not quite so bad as it sounds). Along the way we met a lovely couple, who offered to help us. It turned out that they are in Rome for the semester and he teaches at Kenyon (more on that later). We made it to the apartment, got a tour of the appliances from our landlady, and finally showered. There was no food in the house. We headed to a local restaurant for dinner. The kids thought it was the best meal they had ever had. That changed after our second dinner in Italy.


Tartufi for sale at alimentari Il Parma

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