The entrance to the Palazzo dei Priori. In the lunette, sculpted by an unknown artist ca. 1315, are three of the patron saints of Perugia: San Lorenzo, San Ercolano, and San Constanzo. San Lodovico was canonized in 1319 and is not represented in the lunette.

Today, 29 January, is the festa of Perugia’s patron saint, San Constanzo. There is no school (and no soccer practice!), but the rest of the city is open, especially the bakeries, which spent the night making “Il Torcolo” – a special pastry made only once a year. San Constanzo, who lived during the II century CE, was the first bishop of Perugia. On 29 January 175 CE, during the prosecution of Christians under Marcus Aurelius, Constanzo became a martyr when he was beheaded by Roman soldiers near Foligno. The Romans took his head to the Emperor, while his followers carried his body back to Perugia. They had to travel through the woods and across fields. Along the way, many (unspecified) miracles occurred. They buried his body by the small  hut in which he lived, outside the gates of city, not far from the site of the first Christian church in Perugia, San Pietro. In the 13th century, a church was built on the site.

Although there are four patron saints of Perugia, today San Constanzo is the only one to have his own holiday.

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