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Crepes, Truffles, and Sashimi


Close-up of our Nutella crepes; photo by Micah.

Some of you may be tired of reading about Italian soccer, and some of you may be wondering what we have been cooking and eating recently. Today was a particularly good food day; so here is a quick update.

Some weeks ago we discovered that the Italian version of baking soda makes excellent pancakes. They have become our regular Sunday morning treat (and the kids have come to like Nutella as a topping). This morning Simon had an early morning soccer game (you will have to ask him about the details), and while he and Pedar were at the field, Micah, Jakob, and I decided to rework our pancake recipe into a crepe recipe (basically more eggs and milk).

We were pretty happy with the results. Jakob created this plate of Nutella crepes. We filled the rest with frutti di bosco jam.

Having stuffed ourselves with crepes for breakfast, none of us was hungry until about 2:00 pm. We finally headed out for a late lunch – this is where the truffles and sashimi come in…

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La Festa del Cioccolato Arriva (Choco-Fest is coming)

DSC_0033Perugia is preparing for the biggest festival of the year: Eurochocolate. Starting tomorrow (Thursday) the city will be filled with chocolate. From Piazza Italia down Via Vanucci to the Duomo, there are empty stalls waiting to be filled. We are having fun imagining what temptations all these empty cases will hold tomorrow. DSC_0035

This is the 20th year of Eurochocolate and the theme is “EverGreen: la sostenibile dolcezza dell’essere” “EverGreen: the sweetness of being sustainable.” Eurochocolate promises to use renewable resources in planning, setting up, and running the festival. The official car of the festival is the Nissan LEAF and there are supposed to be electric bikes running around town to deliver purchases to your house (how much chocolate do they expect us to purchase?!). We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, Simon is looking forward to trying a CioccoCappuccino:


From Florence to Foligno

AphroditeFarfelleArt and food are intimately related in Italy and Italians are justly proud of their accomplishments in both endeavors. Over the last two weekends we have experienced our full share of both food and art (as well as food as art). Last weekend my parents (and niece) came to Perugia. While the boys were at school, Pedar and I took them to see the Perugino’s in the National Gallery of Umbria. Over the weekend we all went to Florence together (where we also met up with our friends from Arezzo).¬† We saw A LOT of art and had a great meal with Peter and Lili (at Trattoria Enzo e Piero). Unexpectedly, on Sunday we found ourselves in the middle of the time trials for the Cycling World Championships. It was all a bot overwhelming, not least because Florence is hotter and dustier than Perugia. The kids held up well, all things considered. A highlight for everyone was the Botticelli room at the Uffizi. Maybe because it was early in the day and we still had energy and enthusiasm for art, or maybe because Botticelli’s works really did feel like the coming of Spring after so many Perugino’s, or maybe because the myth behind the Birth of Venus (according to Hesiod) is compelling in a Freudian sort of way, whatever the case, the kids spent a good twenty minutes in this part of the gallery. Micah has since declared The Birth of Venus his favorite painting. And, as it turns out, she is everywhere. Including promoting pasta at “I Primi d’Italia” this past weekend in Foligno. The Italians take their art and their food seriously. Although this image may seem funny to us, no one was laughing in Foligno, it is most definitely an homage to both Botticelli and Farfelle. For more like it, see here.

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