Winter view of the Don Bosco soccer field

Don Bosco

Last Tuesday I called the Don Bosco Scuola di Calcio [see their Facebook page and their sporting web site], located down the hill about 10 min. by foot, to arrange organized soccer for the boys. I had visited the complex during my February reconnaissance, and had been impressed by the quality of the facilities and fields, the friendliness of the personnel, and the proximity of the complex to our apartment.

The umbrella organization is Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane, part of the Salesian Society of Don Bosco. This organization was established by a 19th-century priest from northern Italy named Giovanni Bosco, who worked to establish schools and positive-reinforcement educational methods for poor and disadvantaged boys — those who did not have access to formal schooling. His efforts and organization expanded in Italy and Europe and eventually developed into missionary efforts overseas.

This post talks about the Don Bosco School, and also the general process by which one registers their child for youth soccer in Italy (mostly boys; soccer for girls is growing, but is nowhere near as widespread as in the U.S.)

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