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Dancing for Chocolate

DSC_0148Eurochocolate officially started yesterday. After soccer practice, homework, and music, we decided to brave the crowds. Micah was eager to find his friend Bianca, he was certain she would be there, and he was right! We ran into her (and her parents) just a short way down via Vanucci. Although Perugia is celebrating chocolate, the first thing Micah wanted was cotton candy (zucchero filato in Italian). Simon and Jakob have decided to try all the varieties of cioccolato caldo (hot chocolate) in search of the best recipe.

Once Micah had his sugar fix, he danced his way through the streets:

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La Festa del Cioccolato Arriva (Choco-Fest is coming)

DSC_0033Perugia is preparing for the biggest festival of the year: Eurochocolate. Starting tomorrow (Thursday) the city will be filled with chocolate. From Piazza Italia down Via Vanucci to the Duomo, there are empty stalls waiting to be filled. We are having fun imagining what temptations all these empty cases will hold tomorrow. DSC_0035

This is the 20th year of Eurochocolate and the theme is “EverGreen: la sostenibile dolcezza dell’essere” “EverGreen: the sweetness of being sustainable.” Eurochocolate promises to use renewable resources in planning, setting up, and running the festival. The official car of the festival is the Nissan LEAF and there are supposed to be electric bikes running around town to deliver purchases to your house (how much chocolate do they expect us to purchase?!). We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, Simon is looking forward to trying a CioccoCappuccino:


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