SimonCappucinoWe arrived in Italy after an 8 and a half hour plane ride only to have to wait in a café at the airport for 3 hours  for our bus to Perugia.  At the café, being so bored, I decided to order my first cappuccino. I had wanted to have one for the past couple years but I never got around to it.  I thought the one at the airport was pretty good.  My brother Jakob can’t stand coffee; he doesn’t like the smell or the taste but I’m the kind of person who likes bitter things so I expect I’ll be tasting more coffee while I’m here.  Finally our bus to Perugia was ready to depart.  We could get on, only to yet again sit for 3 hours during the drive. I managed to fall asleep on the bus despite the coffee and when I woke up, we were there.

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