Would you like one?

Would you like one?

Micah participated in a ‘piccoli amici‘ (‘little friends’) soccer tournament at Don Bosco this morning, but most of all he was looking forward to sharing the biscotti (cookies) we had bought before the match. It is common for parents to bring various snacks and drinks towards a communal post-match merenda (snack). On this occasion, Micah carried the tray around for at least 20 minutes trying to make sure that everyone had a chance at a treat. The biscotti come from the “Bar and Pasticceria dell’Accademia” down the street; it’s a classic establishment run by two elderly gentlemen. Sometimes we have returned home late around midnight and we can tell they’ve already started baking for the next day, since the lovely scents of baking dough, flour, yeast and sugar are wafting down the street. I think Micah was a little disappointed when he had no more biscotti to hand out.

All gone...

All gone…

There were two matches today; Micah scored a poacher’s goal on the last play of the game off a corner, with an assist from his friend Manuel. It took a second or two to realize what he’d done (see the delayed reaction).

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