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Turrets and Tunnels


The fortified tunnel (at left) leading from the palazzo to the castle keep of the della Corgna family of Castiglione del Lago.

Over the last month we have visited two fortresses: the 13th-16th- c. castle of the famiglia della Corgna at Castiglione del Lago, on the west side of Lake Trasimeno, and the largely 14th-15th-c. Rocca Maggiore that perches above Assisi. In both cases, the boys enjoyed climbing up the towers and skittering through some of the very long tunnels that connect parts of the respective complexes. Both fortifications are also connected to Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (himself born just east, near Ancona), who was baptized at Assisi and spent his early years in that castle, and who ordered the construction of the castle at Castiglione del Lago just a few years before his death.

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Julia and Alex come to Perugia


Micah is so happy to have dinner with Alex at our apartment

This week our friends, Julia and Alex, came to visit. Julia is a dear friend and colleague at DePauw and she has been on sabbatical in Germany for the last eight months. Her son, Alex, is Micah’s very best friend from home. We have missed them a lot and we are so glad they could come to Perugia as we begin our year in Italy and they prepare to head back to the US. We spent four days finding the best kid activities in Perugia (including frequent stops for gelato), playing Uno, and trying some new restaurants. We also took a day-trip to Assisi.

Julia and Alex arrived by train from Florence on Saturday afternoon. Micah could not wait to meet them at the station and to show Alex how to ride on the mini-metro. It was hot and humid on Saturday, so we took it easy and made dinner at home.

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