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Hidden in Plain Sight: Perugian Epigraphy

This weekend our friend and colleague, Jinyu Liu, is visiting Perugia. She is our last guest before we depart for the States. For several weeks we have been willing ourselves to pay attention to Perugia, soak in the views, and imprint lasting images in our memories. Yesterday we took Jinyu on a walking tour of […]

Today, 29 January, is the festa of Perugia’s patron saint, San Constanzo. There is no school (and no soccer practice!), but the rest of the city is open, especially the bakeries, which spent the night making “Il Torcolo” – a special pastry made only once a year. San Constanzo, who lived during the II century […]


About two weeks ago, we visited Solomeo, a small town west of Perugia with a population (last census, 2001) of 436. Buses come just a few times a day, mostly for ferrying kids back and forth from school. Automobile is the most practical form of access. We went because Solomeo is the location of Brunello […]

Roman Emperor buried in Perugia?

Yesterday’s Giornale dell’Umbria had a cover story about an ongoing study that aims to determine whether the Roman emperor Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus, a Perugine native who ruled from AD 251-3, was buried in a mausoleum that today serves as the foundation for the marvelous bell-tower of the Basilica di San Pietro, next to medieval […]

Etruscan Origins

Though Perugia is in the modern Italian province of Umbria, its urban origin is Etruscan, a civilization/culture that flourished in central Italy (with expansions to the north and south) from the eighth-third centuries B.C., in concert with an explosion of trade opportunities with Greek and Phoenician sailors and settlers (and the growing city-state of Rome […]

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