20140624-203138-73898151.jpgSo I just finished watching the Italy vs. Uruguay world cup match. Italy had one win and one loss so all they had to do was get a tie to go on to the next round. We decided to go out onto the “corso” with some of our friends to watch the game. The match started out sketchy with fouls all through the first half but things didn’t really get started till the second. Almost immediately Mario Balotelli  came off for Marco Parolo which may seem like a strange decision because Balotelli is their best striker, however, he had been playing awful the whole game. The next weird thing happened in the 59th minute when Claudio Marchisio was protecting the ball with his body while making a turn (not a foul) and then the defender fell down. As soon as the defender collapsed the ref whipped out a red card and showed it to Marchisio. As you can imagine, the crowd was in an uproar. They showed the replay in slow motion and it turns out that as Marchisio was turning he hit the defender’s knee with the bottom of his cleat but 1. It was an accident and 2. clearly not a red card.

Then, around the 80th minute, the only thing that could have made the game crazier, happened. I don’t know if you guys have heard but Uruguay’s top scorer, Luis Suarez, had bitten two different players in his career and he has now bit a third. That’s right, Giorgio Chiellini was defending Suarez and all of a sudden the Uruguay player thought ” I bet this Chiellini is really tasty” and he took a bite out of Giorgio’s shoulder. Of course Chiellini erupted with anger as soon as he felt the bite and he tried to show the ref but the ref wouldn’t listen. After everyone had “calmed down” Uruguay had a corner kick to take and that’s when they scored the game winning goal, a header by the team’s captain, Diego Godin. Italy had ten minutes to score and never have I seen such a poor effort. Even Thiago Motta, who had been brought in five minutes earlier, seemed to have no energy and before we knew it the game was over.

I have to say that I was extremely disappointed in Italy’s performance during the cup. They didn’t have enough speed or touch and the only reason that they managed to beat England was that England happened to play even worse. At least Andrea Pirlo, my favorite player, always manages to keep his head.


Chiellini trying to show the ref the bite mark.