So… school ended nine days ago but I’m writing about it now because, you know, I was on summer vacation. I deserved a bit of a break. I have to admit that the last day of school was pretty sad because I knew that I probably wouldn’t see most of the kids again.  We’re still here for another month but they have exams to worry about and I have sleeping in to worry about. No, I’m not taking the end-of-the-year exams.  As I may have said before, Italians are pretty bad at organization. At the beginning of the year, the school suggested that I didn’t need to take the exams (in fact they were worried I would fail) so I went through the entire school year not preparing to take them. Then, about five days before Summer, we got a call from the school. They were panicked. It seemed that all of a sudden they had realized I wasn’t taking the exams and they were wondering why. We explained to them that I wasn’t taking them because they told me not to at the beginning of the year but it took them a while to actually grasp the concept of how it was possible for someone who was graduating from middle school to not take exams. Eventually we sorted it out, and I get to sleep in while my classmates are studying. However, last week I got my report card and it turns out that I would probably pass the exams if I took them.


Our class photo