Simon opening presents from his friends

Simon turned fourteen a few weeks ago. Celebrating in Italy has its advantages. He got a pizza party with some of his friends and the next day we left for a four-day trip to Venice. The pizza party was at I Castelli di Napoli, just down the street from us in Perugia. Like many restaurants in Perugia, it is in the vaulted lower-level of a large palazzo. We reserved the room in the back.

Here are some photos from his party. We’ll put up pictures from Venice in a separate post.

All year Simon has insisted that he does not have many friends at school, but you would never know if from these pictures:


Bucchichio, Foss, and Miletti


Simon and his classmates

We arranged for several pizza “al metro” (by the meter). Micah helped deliver them:



The restaurant even ordered a cake for Simon from the Pasticceria dell’Accademia (our favorite pastry shop in Perugia):


Simon, at least for the moment, appears to be a contented teenager:


The party continued in Venice the following day. More on that soon…