The pennant

This Wednesday was a holiday in Perugia for the patron saint San Costanzo.  I was looking forward to having a day off from school and sleeping in, but my soccer coach organized a trip to Rome for the day with my team and his other team, the 2004s.  We were supposed to go to see one of the practices of AS Roma and then we would have a private conference with the Pope in the afternoon.

So I somehow managed to wake up at 4:45 in the morning and crawl onto the bus with my sack lunch. It took us forever to get there because we had to stop  for kids to get snacks and have bathroom breaks. We got to Trigoria at about 11:00 but the practice didn’t start until 11:30.

Once the practice started, I was surprised at how simple it was. They did running drills for the first 20 minutes and then they just did scrimmages for the rest of the time.  After the practice they gave each of us a pennant and a hat. Then as the players were walking off we could get their signatures.  We left soon after that and we went to one of Don Bosco’s churches for lunch.  Like I said, we were supposed to go see the Pope in the afternoon but for whatever reason we didn’t. Instead, we went to the center of Rome and saw the Colosseum where we had a team picture. Soon after that we got back on the bus to go home.

I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see Papa Francesco, but I did get Francesco Totti‘s autograph, so I guess that’s just as good.

The Excursion (in Italiano)


At the Roma fields before the practice started.


Another view of the fields with a swimming pool for the wives of the players.


A scrimmage between the players.


The players’ workout room.


As we were going down to meet the players, we saw Gervinho having an interview.


The Colosseum in Rome.