On Wednesday night, Jakob played in a cello recital organized by his teacher, Andrea Rellini. Jakob, inspired by Yo-Yo Ma’s visit to DePauw in 2011, began cello lessons with Eric Edberg in February 2013. His lessons with Andrea did not start until October. So far, Jakob has had about 10 sessions with his Italian teacher.

Jakob opened the recital with Minuet No. 2, by Bach:

After the other students played their individual pieces, the cellists performed as an ensemble.

Andrea Rellini is also a performer and composer (his website is here). On Wednesday afternoons, he offers a group cello lesson for his students. Jakob has not been able to go to many of the group lessons because of soccer practice; in fact, his first group lesson was the day of the recital. Nevertheless, he had learned his parts and was able to perform in the ensemble for the recital. The group played three pieces: Greensleeves, Il Drago, and Pomeriggio, dopo il caffè. The latter two were composed by Andrea; we include those performances here.

Il Drago

Pomeriggio, dopo il caffè