Winter wonderland

Almost a winter wonderland…

We hadn’t expected it so soon, but Umbria has been visited by snow for the past two days. It’s not much snow, by Midwestern standards, but the flurries we’ve had so far in the city have graded into 6+ inches on the slopes and inner mountain valleys of the Apennines, and some towns have been hit hard, with school closures and lots of accidents. The Iveys got some good pictures of the storm.

An Umbrian town “nella morsa del gelo” (“in the maws of frost”) on Nov. 26

The main problem of course has to do with driving. With so many steep, stone streets, cars can’t get a grip in many parts of Perugia. It’s less of an issue for walkers. This afternoon, when we trotted down to soccer practice at Don Bosco, we could see whiteout conditions in the valley below (we couldn’t even see the valley), and the field had begun to accumulate the white stuff. At the end of the scrimmage, the winning team lay down and made snow angels.



There’s only a 1% average daily probability for snow in November in Perugia; February is the month most likely to see la neve. So when we took Micah to school today, he was thrilled to see enough snow accumulated on a parked car to toss a snowball at his dad.

The ammunition

The ammunition

The launch

The launch

They’ve also put up a Christmas tree in the main square, in front of the fountain, and hung up stars and globes of white lights on wires across the town, to light up the streets for the holiday season (and a shopping season that will have no afternoon break during the month of December).

The tree

The tree. It seems sort of lonely.

Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving!