November Sun on the Rocca Maggiore: boys peacoat by H&M (39.95 euros); scarf by Benneton (9.95 euros) and beanie by H&M (4.95 euros). Lee jeans and Puma athletic shoes brought over from America. And yes, he is wearing socks. Very short socks.

This weekend we rented a car for three days because the boys had three soccer games (Fri, Sat, and Sun) at fields some distance away. We then decided to take advantage of the car as much as possible, which included going on Saturday to the centro commerciale (mall) in Collestrada to get reasonably-priced clothes. As we explored Assisi after Jakob’s game on Sunday, the boys decided to model some of their duds against the lovely architecture and landscape of Umbria.

The settings were the Rocca Maggiore at the top of Assisi, a largely 15th-century construction (though begun in the 12th c.) overlooking the main transport route through the heart of Umbria, and the Bosco di San Francesco, a nature preserve and art park, which featured sculpture, ruined abbeys, a visitor center, a small river with stepping stones, waterfalls and picnic areas, and an old mill converted into a restaurant.

Read further for overwrought descriptions, quotes, and glossy photos (no Photoshop).


This series models the sartorial seriousness — with just a dash of levity to show the joy in their work — that Simon and Jakob take in demonstrating the latest lines in youth fashion. Simon is wearing a fleece-lined hoodie from H&M (34.95 euros) which he claimed he needed because it was really ‘fuzzy’.

At center, they demonstrate the new ‘looks’ that they have developed (patents pending; Simon: “insouciance gris”; Jakob: “cobalt cobra”). Simon says: “I was just pointing at an aero-plane, and my brother copied me.” Jakob muses: “As I was developing this look, I was trying to channel the glare of the cobra, and the blue of the cobalt. That’s why I call it ‘cobalt cobra’.”

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Simon fills out a winter jacket by Landi’s Zerosettanta line (Empoli, Firenze), which he stole from his dad. A statue of Pope John Paul II weeps in the background. Simon reflects: “I look much better than the pope.”


Micah, at the lower falls in the Bosco di San Francesco, demonstrates the new blue trousers (H&M, 9.95 euros) which he has just gotten muddy and messy with a glorious array of autumn leaves. For some reason he is wearing his Sketchers instead of the hiking boots from Bata (35.99 euros) which we had purchased the day before precisely for this purpose. Micah says, “I like hiking a lot, and I like to go on the stepping stones, and I like to stomp in mud.”