Old advert for Città della Domenica

Old advert for Città della Domenica

We had a Sunday afternoon free, so we went to Sunday City (Città della Domenica), on the outskirts of Perugia, on its next-to-last weekend before it closes for the winter.

Città della Domenica was the first large-scale amusement park in Italy; it opened in 1963 (they are celebrating 50 years). While updates and additions have been made since, it retains the feel of an old-style park, with: animals to view, pet, and ride; castles, tree-houses, rockets and labyrinths to climb in; train, go-kart and boat rides; fairy-tale houses to peek into; statuary of all sorts dotting the grounds; and lots of room to run through the forest, sometimes in the company of the deer that live there. At first it seemed a bit run-down and sad, but by the end of the day we all had had plenty of smiles. Here are photos of, and comments by, the boys.


Welcome to Sunday City!


Jakob emerges from the Trojan Horse.

Jakob: I had a terrible hairdo that day, but now I wear beanies…


This Way to the Minotaur!

Simon: We almost lost Micah in the labyrinth.

Micah: the entryway was like the starting way, and Jakob climbed through a window and I had to meet Jakob, and Simon thought I was almost lost, but he didn’t know where the back-side was. And Simon got lost, and he didn’t know where the out-place is, and Jakob noticed, but I knowed where the entry-way was, and I got out first. And Jakob was the second one out, and we had to wait for Simon because it took him a really really two-minute-long time.

They even had miniature menhirs

They even had miniature menhirs

Micah: it’s just a rock.

And large, strange statues (Jakob parkour-ed into its head).

And large, strange statues (Jakob and Simon parkour-ed inside).

Jakob: We were where we weren’t supposed to be…

Italians love the Wild West

Italians love the Wild West;

So does Micah

So does Micah.

Micah: I’m just taking big steps.

This group, which plays along to recorded C&W music,

The Climbers were playing guitar and harmonica along to recordings of Waylon Jennings and Bob Dylan.

Simon: We thought it was funny that Italians were playing sad cowboy music.

Two more dwarves peeking into Snow White's House

Two dwarves spying on Snow White;

Micah: I saw Snow White in her house with the six elves. That’s how many there is.

Watch out for the witches inside...

Watch out for witches…

Jakob: Simon got freaked out because he saw some creepy fluorescent witches.

Simon: In my defense, they were actually scary.

There were various forms of transport...

There were various forms of transport…

Micah: I choosed the orange one because orange is my favorite color, and I went with Jakob, who is my favorite brother. and I saw an alligator that was creepy, and we went around and we saw a big post with lots of faces on it, and I thought it was an allinagator.

Including Micah's favorite.

Including Micah’s favorite.

Micah: My turn! I didn’t want to go on the really fuzzy one with the really fuzzy legs. Well, I ride these horses because I saw them and I liked them and about that, mama had to hold the rein, and she dropped the map and mom said ‘whoa’, and the horse started to move and mom said ‘aspette!’ and then we went around, but the horse wanted her food so it went by itself. And then I got a picture.


Even a trip to the moon.

Well, almost the moon.

Well, almost the moon.

Simon: In my defense, it was windy up there.

We kept Perugia in sight;

We kept Perugia in sight for a while;

Simon: In my defense, I thought my mom was taking the picture and not my dad.

And then visited the animals

And then we visited the animals.

Micah: It was weird that the cow had really like swirly horns. And she was funny because he was walking around. And they had to milk her.

Simon: At first when I saw the cow, I though the yellow tags on its ears were its eyes and I thought it was an alien, and that scared me.

These creatures (oversized rabbits) were everyone's favorite.

These creatures (oversized rabbit-thingys) were everyone’s favorite.

Jakob: I loved them; they were amazing; I want them forever. They’re so cute; they’re like cats, and rabbits.


The lion was moving too fast to be ridden, unfortunately.

Micah: When I was riding on the lion, I was holding onto Jakob, and Simon was holding on, but Jakob was not holding on, and I had to hold on to Jakob while Simon had to hold on to me and I laughed because he got my guts. He actually did. And Mom was taking a picture.

The day ended happily with giant hot chocolates at Menchetti's

The day ended happily with giant hot chocolates at Menchetti’s

Micah: I got hot chocolate with my own whipped cream. The cup was as big as my head, and mostly I smiled.