SienaTorre2 When we went to Siena this past weekend, we climbed the Torre del Mangia. Micah, who has some measure of fear of heights, really wanted to climb it. The Torre was built next to the town hall in 1325-1348. One can go as far as 87 meters up, via 400 steps. There is no elevator. Other historical towers that family members have climbed which have no elevators include (updated list, 23 Sept 2013):

But this was the first big climb for Micah. These are his words about what happened.


These were our tickets


I wasn’t scared when I looked up


I was a little scared but I got used to it. Pretty fun. The view was awesome too. Olivia was looking down too. Olivia is our friend, and she lives in Rome.


We saw the church that we saw yesterday and after yesterday, and I liked it. I liked being on top of the view, and I liked being in the church that I saw from the view.


Being up high I was pretty nervous, because I thought I would fall. I got used to it, though. I got hurt at the very top because my foot slipped into an opening on some metal, and I cried so much.


On the way down, I looked down and I was nervous that I would fall at the edge of the staircase.


When I got down, I ran into the square and looked up to try and see mommy, and she was there, but I couldn’t see her.


This was the tower I climbed.


We also saw two babies that were nursing from a wolf, and those two babies grew up and found the place called Rome. And those two guys lived there, and they were the first ones to re-scover it.