Yesterday I had my first practice at Don Bosco.  I was pretty nervous about it since I still don’t know Italian that well but it turns out there was a kid there who was almost fluent in English.  His Mom is Australian and he goes there every year to visit her.  Practice went well; I felt like I was about equal with the other kids, so I’m looking forward to going again tonight.  We have practice from 17:00-9:00 every night for the first two weeks because my age group is divided into 3 teams and the coaches want to see where to place the kids.

A few days ago we went to a science museum it had lots of cool interactive stuff.  While we were there we built a Da Vinci bridge.  A Da Vinci bridge is made entirely out of interlocking sticks and is apparently still very strong.  We decided to test that.


First MIcah went across.


Then Jakob.


I started to…

photo 4

and it broke.