P1010362Perugia has several small open-air markets but the big market is on Saturdays. It takes place in the parking lot of the soccer stadium. We took the mini-metro from the top of the city all the way to the last stop, Pian di Massimo. The market has everything: fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes, housewares, and several trucks selling porchetta.

As soon as we arrived, Micah declared that he was hungry (he had just finished breakfast), so we got him a panino with porchetta, which is an entire pig that has been cleaned out, seasoned, rolled up and roasted in the oven. The panino came with no condiments and the pork looked like it would be dry, but it was really tasty and Micah ate most of it himself.


Porchetta for sale at the market


Micah with his porchetta panino

We walked around for a little while, bought some pillows for the apartment (much cheaper than in the city center), then Pedar decided to walk over to the stadium to find out about tickets for the Perugia soccer team. Jake and I continued on, bought a kilo of plums, four eggplants, and three lemons for three Euros.


Umbrian salame

Jake was getting a bit cranky because of the heat, but he perked up when we found a vendor who had a large assortment of Umbrian salame and cheese. Jake methodically tasted each salame variety and chose cinghiale (wild boar) and cervo (venison). We also got a chunk of fresh cheese made with a mixture of cow’s milk and sheep’s milk. We took our provisions home and had a lovely lunch of salame, cheese, and bread.