It was raining on the plain

It was raining on the plain

Today a thunderstorm marched across the rolling plains that we see from our apartment. They cover the ground to a range of low mountains to the southwest (in the distance, Monte Peglia tops out at 837 m. [2746 ft]). Brisk winds and rain flashed across the southern edge of the city; doors slammed and shutters rattled as we scampered to secure them. The forecast had promised 0% chance of rain.

Friends spending their sabbatical in Arezzo, just an hour by train to the north, had just departed from an enjoyable but brief visit. They happen to be our next-door neighbors back in Greencastle, and we are helping each other with our mutual adventure in Italy.

Another departure deserves notice. Today, One Year in Perugia saw its 100th, and final, post. It is hard to overstate the impact of this blog on our family’s sabbatical project. I found it while searching for information about Perugia once we had located the apartment. The posts are witty, wise, thoughtful, thankful, and insightful. The photographs are beautiful. Responding generously to the inquiries of a total stranger, Matt and Jill met me for dinner my first night here in February, and we became friends. We continued to follow Perugia through their eyes, and now we hope to return the favor.

We will do our best to live up to the quality of their expression. Visit their blog; it’s wonderful. To Jill, Matt, Tom, and Ray, we say thank you! and also an old Latin greeting still alive in Italy today: salvete; be well.

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