Don Bosco Scuola di Calcio

Yesterday we went to visit Don Bosco, which is the soccer school that all three of us will be playing at.  We signed in and the man there let us try out the field, which was incredible.  It was completely turf and one of the best fields I’ve ever played on.  My first practice will be next Thursday from 17:30-19:30 (in Italy they only use military time so that’s taking me a while to get used to).  I am very excited about getting to play in Italy; the only downside is that we have to be registered as players before we can play in games, so that might take a while.

While we were at the school, the man who signed us in mentioned that his daughter does an intensive Italian language course in the mornings, so this morning we went for our first lesson.  It was from 9:00-12:00 and I thought it was going to be terrible but it turns out she was really nice and time passed pretty quickly.  Jake and I are doing this course until school starts so hopefully we will have learned enough Italian by then.  Today at around 15:00 Marcello, who is the son of some of our parents’ friends  came over and showed Jake and me the city.  He is 15, only a couple years older than me and he was very nice.  He and Jakob share many of the same interests.  Tomorrow our friends from Arezzo are visiting and I am very excited.  I will post how much the stack of textbooks cost soon.