Scuola San Paolo

Today my Dad and I went across town to register me for school.  Everything went smoothly.  We signed in, I chose to take French, we ordered school sweaters, and then we saw the textbook list.

photo 1

And this is only half the books…

 You wouldn’t believe how how much textbooks cost in Italy (leave a guess in the comments and I’ll tell you in a few days…).  Afterwards we registered Micah for school and we had to get him a cute little smock for when he paints at school.  Micah is very excited about school he met one of his teachers Today but was very shy.  Earlier he even bragged to me that he gets to go to school two days before me and Jake.

photo 2

Watch out for those buttons!

He didn’t like the smock though, because of his pathological fear of buttons (koumpounophobia) click the link to find out what famous person was afraid of buttons.  On Thursday our next-door neighbors from home who are also on sabbatical in Italy are visiting us.  They live in Arezzo  which is only an hour North of Perugia by train.  Madeline, their oldest child, is a good friend from home so I am exited to see her on Thursday.