SimonCappucinoWe arrived in Italy after an 8 and a half hour plane ride only to have to wait in a café at the airport for 3 hours  for our bus to Perugia.  At the café, being so bored, I decided to order my first cappuccino. I had wanted to have one for the past couple years but I never got around to it.  I thought the one at the airport was pretty good.  My brother Jakob can’t stand coffee; he doesn’t like the smell or the taste but I’m the kind of person who likes bitter things so I expect I’ll be tasting more coffee while I’m here.  Finally our bus to Perugia was ready to depart.  We could get on, only to yet again sit for 3 hours during the drive. I managed to fall asleep on the bus despite the coffee and when I woke up, we were there.

          Now it is towards the end of our third day in Italy and and so far every bit of it has been amazing (except for all the waiting).  The grocery store, the restaurants, the butcher, the square, and even the fan shop are all in walking distance.  With three bedrooms and two bathrooms the apartment is quite roomy so we have settled in nicely.  Our apartment is starting to feel like home because tonight for the first time since we got here my Mom made dinner; a delicious pasta with meat sauce from the fresh ingredients she bought this morning.