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Julia and Alex come to Perugia


Micah is so happy to have dinner with Alex at our apartment

This week our friends, Julia and Alex, came to visit. Julia is a dear friend and colleague at DePauw and she has been on sabbatical in Germany for the last eight months. Her son, Alex, is Micah’s very best friend from home. We have missed them a lot and we are so glad they could come to Perugia as we begin our year in Italy and they prepare to head back to the US. We spent four days finding the best kid activities in Perugia (including frequent stops for gelato), playing Uno, and trying some new restaurants. We also took a day-trip to Assisi.

Julia and Alex arrived by train from Florence on Saturday afternoon. Micah could not wait to meet them at the station and to show Alex how to ride on the mini-metro. It was hot and humid on Saturday, so we took it easy and made dinner at home.

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From here to there and everywhere

I love iMovie.

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Da Vinci bridge

Yesterday I had my first practice at Don Bosco.  I was pretty nervous about it since I still don’t know Italian that well but it turns out there was a kid there who was almost fluent in English.  His Mom is Australian and he goes there every year to visit her.  Practice went well; I felt like I was about equal with the other kids, so I’m looking forward to going again tonight.  We have practice from 17:00-9:00 every night for the first two weeks because my age group is divided into 3 teams and the coaches want to see where to place the kids.

A few days ago we went to a science museum it had lots of cool interactive stuff.  While we were there we built a Da Vinci bridge.  A Da Vinci bridge is made entirely out of interlocking sticks and is apparently still very strong.  We decided to test that.


First MIcah went across.


Then Jakob.


I started to…

photo 4

and it broke.

Italian Youth Soccer


Winter view of the Don Bosco soccer field

Don Bosco

Last Tuesday I called the Don Bosco Scuola di Calcio [see their Facebook page and their sporting web site], located down the hill about 10 min. by foot, to arrange organized soccer for the boys. I had visited the complex during my February reconnaissance, and had been impressed by the quality of the facilities and fields, the friendliness of the personnel, and the proximity of the complex to our apartment.

The umbrella organization is Polisportive Giovanili Salesiane, part of the Salesian Society of Don Bosco. This organization was established by a 19th-century priest from northern Italy named Giovanni Bosco, who worked to establish schools and positive-reinforcement educational methods for poor and disadvantaged boys — those who did not have access to formal schooling. His efforts and organization expanded in Italy and Europe and eventually developed into missionary efforts overseas.

This post talks about the Don Bosco School, and also the general process by which one registers their child for youth soccer in Italy (mostly boys; soccer for girls is growing, but is nowhere near as widespread as in the U.S.)

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Old Ways

Via dell’Orso

Wandering the streets of old Perugia is one of the great pleasures of living in this city. Narrow, twisting, surprising–they invite the visitor to get lost in a medieval labyrinth. Pedestrian-only (in theory, anyway) alleys are sloped with shallow steps that seem awkward going down but are perfectly set for walking up.

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Market Day

P1010362Perugia has several small open-air markets but the big market is on Saturdays. It takes place in the parking lot of the soccer stadium. We took the mini-metro from the top of the city all the way to the last stop, Pian di Massimo. The market has everything: fresh fruit and vegetables, clothes, housewares, and several trucks selling porchetta.

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